Kroger Feed – Employee Login Portal is the official gateway or portal for Kroger Employees where they can find all relevant data and information related to the business. However, employees have to log in to the portal to access the details of the business. Having access to the portal offers many benefits to the employees, which will be discussed later in this post.

Below you will come across with step by step guide for great login portal. Kroger Feed – Login


What is

The is the official portal or entrance by Kroger for the employees, subsidiaries, and representatives. They have to login into the portal and unveil many important data and details about the business. The portal even shares day by day work report for the employees and other crucial data relevant to the business. Employees can create their Kroger business profile on the portal.

Employees who are working at the store can easily check the work schedules from The employees can check the schedules online, pay stubs, works targets, and many other data related to their work profile and business.

The allows the representatives and subsidiaries to sign-in with the portal and obtain different and relevant information about the business. You have to understand that you won’t gain access to the work schedule information and other data without signing up with the website.

What are the Requirement to Login on

Before you log in or create an account on, you must learn about the basic requirements to fulfill to access the Kroger employee portal called

  • Mobile or PC with active internet connectivity
  • Kroger Employee ID with ID card
  • Enterprise User ID and Password offered by the company
  • HR registration according to the company’s norms and policies

Step by Step Guide for Login

As you fulfill the basic requirement for portal login, it is time to learn how to complete the login process. You have to follow a few simple steps to successfully enter into your account and gain access to

  • Go to the official website of
  • Enter the Enterprise User ID and Password in the required space
  • Ensure that all details are provided correctly without mistakes or error
  • Tab on “Sign-In” button
  • You will enter into your company account successfully
  • Now you can access all the features directly from the dashboard of the portal

As you successfully login into the great portal, you can gain access to all the features, including paystub, attendance tracking, management, addressing complaints, information bulletin, work schedules, and job targets. You can have access to all these functions directly from the dashboard of the portal.

What are the Benefits of Kroger Employee Portal?

There are many benefits associated with when you start accessing the Kroger Employee Portal. Here is the list of benefits and functions that employees and representatives can enjoy after successful login to

  • All employees can have recent reports about the business and another business bulletin.
  • Employees can see their work targets and calendar.
  • It updates the employees about the recent organization occasions.
  • All employees can stay alert and informed related to the approaches of their company.
  • The dashboard of the portal allows editing or making changes in account settings. But, sharing of username and password is strictly prohibited, and employees must not share the login credentials with anyone.
  • Employees can check their schedules.
  • See all the tasks online in the schedules.
  • Application for leave can be submitted from the portal itself.
  • Get the Kroger W2 form online.
  • Employees can also check the Paystubs online from the website.

Employees who cannot access the login portal or face errors while using GreatPeople. They may report the same and get solutions effortlessly for their queries from the website itself.

How to Use the Portal?

As you successfully login into the employee portal, you can do many things on the portal. You gain the authority to change or make changes to the old password. Besides changing the old password, users can also check their work schedules and work targets set by the employee.

An employee can also apply for their leaves online without writing an email to the company’s HR department. Moreover, they can also check the new approaches taken by the company and product discounts. There lot many things that one can do on the website directly.

Employees are also allowed to see job-related inquiries. Kroger always updates the sheet for available vacancies, and employees can refer those jobs to their family and friends. If anything is changed or updated in the work schedule, the authorities will notify it via portal, and employees know about it when they login into the portal. You may also access the daily activities at the Kroger Company.

It won’t be overstated to say that Employee portal makes the processes easier and simpler for the Kroger employees. It allows them to do their jobs efficiently, and maintaining workflow becomes easier for them. Kroger always focuses on addressing the difficulties faced by their employees, and it is why they created Employee Portal.

All information and data on the portal are up to date, making a huge difference in the working environment and workflow. All employees are hard-working and dedicated, and Kroger always pays them back with such benefits and incentives.

About Kroger

Kroger or The Kroger Co is a US-based retail company established in 1883. Since its launch, the retail store has been continuously serving its customers and employees with the best services and products.

It has emerged as the largest grocery store chain in the USA and the second-largest worldwide after Walmart. There are over 3000 stores that are either operated by Kroger or by their subsidiaries. The company always works for the benefit of its employees. To maintain the records and work schedules of a large workforce, the company maintains an employee portal called It is the web portal for Kroger employees, and all employees can benefit from this web portal. All employees are requested to register and log in with to have access to many features and benefits.